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      Digit Solutions turns technology into a competitive advantage for our clients. We devise, manage and implement IT strategies that lead to increased profitability, asset efficiency and revenue.

      We work on new and existing projects throughout the world, helping our clients enter new markets, consolidate infrastructure and improve operating performance.

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Solutions & Services Advanced Virtualization Virtualization and Security

Virtualization and Security

Get reliable virtualized infrastructure that transforms your business processes and reduces costs

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Virtualization inherently provides more robust security than physical servers, but when information is highly sensitive, it needs further protection. Security breaches can do untold harm, damaging the reputation of a brand and causing catastrophic losses.

When security is paramount, Digit Solutions can increase the level of protection in virtualized systems using advanced VMware technology. This includes screening all data entering and leaving the virtualized infrastructure for security threats, and dividing the infrastructure into multiple security zones, each with a different level of protection. This ensures that the majority of a client’s security infrastructure is focused on protecting their most valuable data, increasing their return on investment.

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Digit Solutions delivers highly secure virtualized infrastructure to leading businesses and institutions around the world. We work with clients to understand their business requirements, classify their business data based on sensitivity, and then design and deliver security solutions that provide maximum protection for their most critical and sensitive information.

Our virtualization teams have extensive experience with advanced VMware security technologies, including VMsafe and vShield Zones. They also have detailed knowledge of appliances from leading security vendors such as Symantec and McAfee, which are used to shield virtualized infrastructure from security threats.
Our virtualization security services include the following:

  • Definition of data security levels
  • Solution architecture and design
  • Security appliance selection and deployment
  • VMsafe implementation and testing
  • vShield Zones implementation and testing
  • Maintenance, support and training
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