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      Digit Solutions turns technology into a competitive advantage for our clients. We devise, manage and implement IT strategies that lead to increased profitability, asset efficiency and revenue.

      We work on new and existing projects throughout the world, helping our clients enter new markets, consolidate infrastructure and improve operating performance.

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Solutions & Services IT Security IT Security Design

IT Security Design

Get secure, integrated and economical solutions that are flexible and manageable

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All business data has value, but some is more valuable. Any IT security design must start with an understanding of the business value of a client’s data and a thorough knowledge of how that data is stored and transmitted. Otherwise, critical data will be vulnerable, or costs will spiral out of control as all data, valuable of not, is heavily protected.

It can be expensive and challenging to implement and manage IT security design, especially when businesses span multiple countries and security standards. Clients rely on us to design IT security solutions that align with their business priorities and IT architecture, providing iron-clad protection for their critical data, infrastructure and business processes.

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Digit Solutions has a wealth of experience designing security solutions for major companies with global IT networks. We know the importance of aligning with our clients’ business objectives, and we deliver superior security and better operating performance.

We also understand the importance of designing security directly into IT infrastructure, and leverage our complementary and extensive IT infrastructure design experience to deliver holistic solutions.
Our extensive set of IT security design services includes the following:
  • Security infrastructure and customer data assessment
  • Perimeter security design
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Email security, filtering and blocking
  • Information security and data theft protection
  • Antivirus, spam and spyware protection
  • WAN and remote access security
  • Secure payment infrastructure and process design
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